Klona kopiera hemsida eller webshop - Expediten

Klona kopiera hemsida eller webshop - Expediten

Clone website or webshop

What is website cloning?

Cloning a site refers to being inspired by a successful site idea and "copying" that concept to create a new "site clone" that not only has the majority of the same features as the reference site, but also adds new unique features to the cloned site .

A clone of a website enables the start and development of your new website to be done from scratch.

How does it happen?

Many times use web agencies finished templates for website and webshops so-called website templates. If you look more closely at the source code for a website, you can find which template the current website uses. You can also see which WordPress framework website or webshop is built on.

Here you can find out for yourself if it is a wordpress page and with what theme the website is built: https://www.isitwp.com/

Here is an example of an online shop that we have built with a wordpress template farinredning.se. Copy farinredning.se and paste it here https://www.isitwp.com/ and then click on Analyze Website.

Free WordPress Theme Detector

During WordPress Theme Details you will find this text:
This site uses Kleo Child theme. It does not exist in our database, so it most likely is a custom theme made specifically for Fårinredning, Klippmaskin, Toplick, Foderautomat, - Fårinredning.

You can always try to google the name to see if you find this theme available for download.


A Googling on Kleo Child theme give us this result:

Kleo Child theme - Search on Google

Click on the link KLEO - Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress… you come to the place where you can buy the template for the website. This means that the start and development of your new website does not have to be done from scratch.

Advice / Quotation

Send the request to several web agencies at the same time when you want a cheap website or web shop.

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Non binding

The service is free and you do not commit to anything.

How to Find Which WordPress Theme a Site is Using

Wikipedia information about Copying

Kopiering Kopiering även replikering är konsten att duplicera något så att det så exakt som möjligt liknar originalet.

Synonyms for clone

  • copy make genetic copies; make an exact copy of, make a double