Help with Website in WordPress?

Help with Website in WordPress?

help with website in wordpress

We offer quick help with security maintenance and further development of wordpress.

To save time, contact us by phone or email and we will help you.

We are available every day. You can approve cost proposals for the work before the work begins.

Examples of the work we can perform can be seen below.

Help with technical problems
Whatever technical error you have experienced, investigate how we can fix the WordPress problem. For example, the website is slow, it looks strange, it shows an error message, has stopped working or has even been hacked.

What measures can we offer? See examples below!

Help recover a crashed website
When your website crashes, maybe after a change contact us. You write down the latest change and we will restore your WordPress website.

Help with better responsiveness
In order not to lose customers, it is important that your website works in different devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Help with transfer to another domain
We help you when changing domain to redirect your links from the old to the new domain.

Help with improved speed
To make your website more user-friendly, we make images smaller, compress CSS and Javascript activates caching and compression. This in turn increases the speed, which enables your page to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Help with Woocommerce e-commerce platform
Woocommerce is a useful e-commerce platform. We help you make your e-commerce store attractive by choosing the right range that gets a good response and quickly gives sales results.

Help with different wordpress themes
In WordPress you can choose different themes (appearance of the website). There are thousands of great free themes with a wide range of features and customization options.

Help with advice on plugins
We give advice on which plugins work best.

Help with further development
Further developing a website is important to keep it up to date. We help with advice and how the site can be developed.


What help do you need?

You can get help with further development, layout changes, maintenance and security. Submit your case and you will receive a cost proposal immediately.


Help customize the wordpress theme
In order to best communicate to your customers what your company represents, we adapt your WordPress theme.

Help with new layout
The layout of the website may sometimes need to be changed to make the company feel current. We give suggestions for new designs that you approve and we update the website.

Help with Assistance for the website
We offer assistance to keep the website alive and user-friendly for your customers. We can give suggestions for improvements and you can get help with te x upload new pictures, create new subpages, blog posts. If you wish, we can help evaluate statistics from the website.

Help with Feedback
We can investigate why your website may not give the results you are striving for.

Based on that, we can give constructive feedback. Something is wrong and needs to be changed. Maybe the website does not look good on the search engines or the conversions visitors can make do not work. You do not need to hire a web designer for expensive money, but contact us and we will go through your page.

Advice / Quotation

Send request to multiple web agencies at once.

Get more information by email or phone
Non binding

The service is free and you do not commit to anything.

Protect and back up your website

Wikipedia information about wordpress

Wordpress Wordpress, normally capitalized WordPress, is a blog and content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses the MySQL database for data storage. It is distributed under a GNU General Public License (GPL) and can be downloaded and used free of charge. It is one of the most popular publishing systems on the market and is found on thousands of blogs and websites. Over the years, Wordpress has developed from a blog system to also be able to handle entire websites like a more advanced CMS system. Since the content on all pages becomes accessible via a login page, you do not need an FTP client to be able to edit and update their pages on the website. Wordpress can also be customized freely with the help of various plugins and themes. In August 2018, there were over 56,000 additions. A large number of themes are available on the Wordpress website, developed by its users.

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