Hur väljer du SEO skribent? - Expediten

Hur väljer du SEO skribent? - Expediten

How do you choose an SEO writer?

It does not take long to understand that the content of your website is what will carry it. It is clear that you need to work with marketing and links to get visitors. However, this must be based on content that shows what your page is about and that makes it convert. You need an SEO writer and it's important to choose the right one!

SEO writer or someone who can write?

If you want texts that are of high quality and that have the design required to get search engines as well as customers to grab, experience is required. Then you should choose one experienced freelance writer who knows what you need.

The experience means that you get:

  • Original texts that are not seen as copied content
  • Correct structure for easy-to-read text on screen
  • The right amount of keywords in the text and in the right places
  • Text that engages the reader and makes them do something

When your budget is not enough for the best SEO writer, you may be able to hire someone who likes to write. There are many who do just this through services such as Fiverr and Swedish content companies that work with student writers.

If you are well aware of what the texts should look like to work, this may be an option. For those of you who are not familiar with how web texts should be designed to give the best results, an inexperienced writer poses a risk.

Remember that a person who enjoys writing does not necessarily understand how to create text that makes others feel like buying or asking for more information. In addition, the joy of writing is not the same as writing text that Google likes.

Also keep in mind that the vast majority today have a mobile phone and reads text on it. An SEO writer must know how to write mobile friendly for it to be a good end result.

A collaboration that works

Once you have found an SEO writer who lives up to the basic requirements of knowledge and experience, it is of course important to have a smooth collaboration. This is especially true when you know you will need text support on an ongoing basis.

Take a look at how you can communicate with the writer. Can you make calls on the phone, can you be heard quickly with chat, how smooth does communication with email work? A writer who has a lot to do is certainly a person who obviously delivers good texts. At the same time, you want to feel that your projects are getting the attention they deserve.

How much will it cost?

This is a question that needs to be asked. You need to be prepared to pay more for a skilled and experienced SEO writer. That's the way it is with everything in life. If you need a lot of content, you may be able to get discounts that make it a better price anyway.

Remember that you get what you pay for. If you need text for a main page that represents you and your business, there is good reason to pay more for it. When it comes to text that should be placed in other places online to provide link power, it may not be as critical with quality and selling text.

Advice / Quotation

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Wikipedia information about Writer

Skribent Skribenter, litteratörer och skriftställare är personer som arbetar mer eller mindre professionellt med skrivande eller inom litteraturen, men inte nödvändigtvis är vare sig journalister eller skönlitterära författare. Ordens betydelse har dock växlat över tiden. En skribent är i modernt språkbruk oftast en journalist eller annan person som skriver texter om mer eller mindre aktuella ämnen. Skribent är ingen direkt yrkesbenämning, och en skribent behöver inte vara professionell. Bland personer vars yrke benämnts litteratör kan räknas exempelvis tidningsmän, översättare, medarbetare i uppslagsverk och tidskrifter, eller personer som gör skriftliga småjobb, ungefär motsvarande skribent.I modernt språkbruk är en skriftställare oftast en författare som inte skriver endast skönlitterärt alternativt skriver på relativt anspråkslös nivå såsom att mer eller mindre yrkesmässigt översätta, skriva eller publicera tidskriftsartiklar. I äldre texter är dock ordet ofta synonymt med författare.

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  • writer, journalist, journalist, publicist; author, stylist, writer, pencil, pencil sharpener