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Meta Title

The SEO title

SEO title and the meta description is what usually pops up when your page appears on Google or any other search engine. You can update the SEO settings in wordpress for each page by going to the page settings.

Why is the Title Tag important?

Title tags are important because they show visitors what information will be there when a user clicks on a page. They are important to search engines for the same reason, except that they also work to determine the relevance of the web page as a result of a search query. If Google does not like your title tag, they can change it to better suit their / user's needs.

Rules for <Title> Tags

To ensure that your title tags are relevant to readers and search engines, they should follow the points and guidelines listed below.

Title tags should be between 50-60 characters long. Google has not specifically come out and said that title tags should be this long, but if your title is longer than 60 characters, it risks being automatically shortened.

Try to avoid the three dots at the end of your title that show that there is more to read from the title so that users can know the whole story of what your web page is about. Also, stay away from all uppercase letters in your title tag as they will take up more space than lowercase letters. If you are unsure of what your page title will look like before publishing, you can use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to optimize your title tag and make sure it is not too long.

Perhaps even more important than the length of your title tags are the keywords you use. Title tags can do wonders for your SEO when optimized with the right keywords. Insert your most relevant and desired keywords you want to rank in the title, but do not overdo it. Google can easily identify Keyword stuffing and can change the title of your web page if it feels like you are just throwing different variations of a keyword into it.

Explanation Keyword stuffing
One way to try to make a page appear more relevant to certain keywords. You do this by repeating one or more keywords or phrases on one and the same page of a site. Five years ago, it was possible to get better placements by doing this.

Use unique titles
As with other content, never duplicate content as it can have a negative effect on your search engine optimization. Therefore, always write a unique SEO title for each URL.

Title heading

Synonyms for title

  1. profession, occupational designation, degree, degree; championship, gold medal
  2. name, heading, title; Book

Wikipedia information about Title_ (heading)

Title (title) Title (from the Latin titulus 'title', 'book title') is a title or title given to a work by a writer or writer, in whole or in part. Titles can also be names of other works of art - for example works of art, musical works, films or collections of such. Another name for the title is the main title, which then contrasts with the subtitle. The main title of a publication (usually a book) is usually written on the dirt page, before the title page, and in a larger style on the title page, compared to the possible subtitle. The world's longest film title is considered to be this one.