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Google-Robot.txt File

The robots.txt file is primarily used to specify which parts of your site are to be crawled by spiders or web crawlers. It can set different rules for different spiders.

Googlebot is an example of a spider. It is used by Google to crawl the Internet to get information about websites so that it knows how to rank different websites in search results.

Using a robots.txt file for your site is a web standard. Spiders look for the robots.txt file in the host directory (or root directory) of your site. This text file is always called "robots.txt". Example of a robots.txt file: https://expediten.se/robots.txt


User-Agent: *
Allow: / wp-content / uploads /
Disallow: / wp-content / plugins /
Disallow: / wp-admin /
Disallow: /readme.html Disallow: / refer /

What is robots.txt?

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Wikipedia information about Robots_Exclusion_Standard

Robots Exclusion Standard The keyword "Robots.txt" leads here. For Wikipedia's robots.txt file, see MediaWiki: Robots.txt and en.wikipedia.org/robots.txt.Robots Exclusion Standard, also Robots Exclusion Protocol, robots.txt protocol is a way to request search spiders and other robots, ie computer programs that collect information for search services on the Internet or otherwise automatically or semi-automatically visit many web pages, not to visit certain parts of a website. The reason may be that you want to reduce the load on the server or the connection or prevent obsolete pages or certain material from appearing in a misleading way among the search results, even though the pages are available to the public via links. The method is based on cooperation on the part of the search services and the robot coders - there is no requirement that search spiders must follow the convention. There is no official standard, but the convention is based on informal consensus.