Vad är SEO? - Expediten

Vad är SEO? - Expediten


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is about making sure that a website ends up as high as possible in the search engines' SERP (Search Enginge Results Page) on a number of keywords. This is done by working with the website's content in the form of text, the website's structure, links from other websites and by eliminating any errors that may prevent the search engines from finding and understanding the content on the website. When you talk about SEO, you usually mainly divide it into three parts:


On page SEO

On page SEO is done by making sure that the content on the website in the form of texts, structure and so on is optimal for the keywords you want to be visible on. It is often said that "content is king" and it is true, without the right content it is very, very difficult to get a website to be visible on the search engines. The absolute first thing you should do when working with on page search engine optimization is to ensure that there are no technical obstacles for the search engines to index the content on the website. There are technical barriers of various kinds it can be about bad web hosting or maybe a publishing tool that does not work so well. When you have the basic technical pieces in place, you can continue to create texts that are adapted to the words / phrases that you want to be visible on. How do you know which words and phrases are suitable for me and my website? This is done through something called "keyword research", this is about finding the words / phrases that you benefit from appearing on and looking at what traffic these can generate. Relevance is extremely important here, you have nothing to drive traffic to a website that is not relevant.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is about making sure that other websites on the internet link to your website. The importance of links is great, especially in Google's algorithm. Every link from one website to another is seen by Google as a voice on the website being linked. How much power a link conveys depends on many factors, but the most important are how many links the linking page itself has and what you write in the anchor text. Roughly speaking, you can say that the more links a website has, the better it ranks on Google, but if you go in depth, the work with links is enormously complex and requires a lot of experience and thought.

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Wikipedia information about Search Engine Optimization

Sökmotoroptimering Sökmotoroptimering, från engelskans Search Engine Optimization eller förkortat SEO, är ett samlingsnamn för de olika metoder och tekniker som används för att få en webbsida att på ett organiskt sätt, i kontrast till betald marknadsföring genom sökmotorer, synas så högt upp som möjligt på så många lukrativa sökord som möjligt bland sökresultaten i sökmotorer så som Google, Bing eller Yahoo. Eftersom rangordningen av webbsidor sker automatiskt genom algoritmer kan man försöka att till webbplatsägarens fördel optimera den bedömning av en webbsida som sökmotorerna gör genom att genomföra ändringar i de faktorer som algoritmerna tar hänsyn till.

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