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IT-rekrytering | IT-rekryteringsföretag - Webbyrå Expediten

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Depending on what recruitment needs you have, there are different methods to use to best solve your needs.

The clerk and our partners

The clerk conducts close collaboration with a network of IT companies throughout Sweden. This means that we have access to a very broad base of competent staff in most areas. In this way, we represent around 200 experienced consultants and can thus undertake extensive projects and complete solutions as well as smaller commitments for a customer. The broad base of consultants also means that we can easily find expert competence and just the key person you as a customer need.

Advice / Quotation

Send inquiry when you need help with IT recruitment.

IT recruitment company
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    Academic Work

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    ANTS Academic Network by Tekniska Studenter AB

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    Boxhill AB

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    HCM Partner

We take care of your recruitment

Wikipedia information about Recruitment

Recruitment Recruitment is the process of seeking, attracting and contracting human resources to perform any form of work or task. There is a set of recruitment processes, which include recruitment planning, strategy development, search, screening, evaluation and control. Recruitment is actually an old military term that means to provide new personnel (recruits) as a replacement or to strengthen the troop strength. Traditionally, an organization's personnel function has played a major role in the recruitment work, but this has changed in part as more and more of the administrative steps in the process are handled electronically. Examples are web services for advertising and CV management. Furthermore, personnel systems are often used internally at companies and organizations to handle candidates in a systematic way.

Synonyms for recruitment

  • recruitment, admission, employment, staffing