Bästa webbhotell för augusti 2021 - Expediten

Bästa webbhotell för augusti 2021 - Expediten

What is a web host?

What is a web host

A web host is a kind of hotel for your web pages. Your web pages become available around the clock from any computer that has access to the Internet. You simply upload your page to a server which is then constantly connected to the web. This is neither expensive nor strenuous. You can move your files to a web host as easily as moving files between folders on your computer.

web hosting in English Web hosting.

There are different types of web hosting, based on different systems. In common terms, a web host is one or more computers (servers) equipped to withstand heavy loads on the system. Computers are usually connected to the Internet through fiber optics. This website is e.g. connected through 1000 Gigabit Fiber. It may be needed when there are many who want to access the pages of a web page at the same time.

We can directly divide the different systems into two standard systems: Windows and Linux. If you are a beginner, it does not matter which system you choose, but if you are a little more discerning, keep the following in mind: ASP and Access databases only work on Windows. PHP and MySQL databases only work on Linux. If you do not even know what this is, just ignore it and just think of everything else you need when choosing a web host. To mention is that ASP and PHP are two different server languages ​​for making advanced web pages e.g. Communities like phpBB that are in php.

Popular Cms that usually run on Linux:

WordPress Website system
Joomla Website system
Drupal Website system
Magento Webshop system
PrestaShop Webshop system
WooCommerce Webshop system

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Web hosting

What is a web host or a domain?

Wikipedia information about Web hosting

Web hosting A web hosting is a service that enables those who do not want to maintain their own public web server to publish on the World Wide Web. A web host has an Internet-connected computer (web server) - in practice several computers, to meet the need for capacity and availability - where several users can upload their websites or web sites (under different domain names). There are free web hosts and web hosts that cost money. Cost-effective web hosting companies usually offer more far-reaching technical support than web hosting companies that are free and rarely offer more than very basic support. Often the same web host can offer some service for free but charge for offering greater capacity or more advanced features. Some web hosts are advertising financed.

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(data.) web page, website, site

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  1. business, firm, company, business, business, industry, business, plant, establishment
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