Website company? Build or upgrade the website for your business

Website company? Build or upgrade the website for your business

website for your business

Website Company - Professional website for your company

At Expediten, you get help to produce one website for your business by making one quotation request which are sent to several different professional web agencies. You get a website for the company, which is both stylish and well-designed and at the right price.

Have you seen a web shop or website that you think is nice? Do you want a similar one? Clone copy website or webshop.

Does your company need a website?

Your company needs a nice, well-functioning website because today most customers go online for information and purchases. Make your business an interesting place to search for information and shop. Your company's website is available at all times and thus provides the opportunity to sell your products around the clock. So invest in a website with a well-updated layout!

The result is an increased customer base that more easily gets in touch and information, which leads to the sales process being simpler and faster. The company's brand is strengthened.

A company's website provides more customers

The company's website saves time because customers are reached around the clock. The customer can easily get information about the company's products. The website saves on salespeople as the customer himself gets an idea of ​​the product via texts, images and videos.

Build trust in the company with a good website

A good website gives the customer the opportunity to quickly find you by phone number and e-mail address.

The fact that the customer can read about your company and receive information about how long you have been and where you are creates confidence. Customers can also be given the opportunity to like your products and in consultation, their opinions can be published on the website to help other customers.

How to choose a web agency that creates websites for companies?

Choose a web agency that uses WordPress which is a great tool for publishing websites. It's free, used by many and liked by Google.

Almost all searches today go via Google therefore it is important that your website gets indexed, take the help of a web agency. Does your company have a well-structured website with relevant content and by being visible in the search results, the customer base increases.

It is a good idea to hire a company that helps you with search engine optimization if you do not have the knowledge yourself.

Youtube, Linkedin and Yahoo are examples of search engines that are not as common as Google.

Professional website for your company

The clerk helps you get in touch with serious companies that design user-friendly websites with a stylish and informative layout for companies.

Features on the company's website

Different functions can be found on the website, for example:

  • Company
  • Product reviews
  • Slideshow
  • Share buttons
  • Social media is integrated
  • Newsletter
  • Contact form

Social media in the company's website

If the company is not on social media, the clerk can create and manage pages that are aimed at your target group. If you are already on social media, we can increase the exposure for more people to discover you. In order for visitors to be able to share your company's products with others, it's good to share buttons. Recurring updating advertising and campaigns can bring more customers.

An updated company website

A web agency can offer a Support Agreement which means that they, in consultation with the company, update the website. Content and layout are changed so that customers are always met by a current and professional company.

Sell ​​products on the company website

You may be interested in online sales of your products? In that case, you need a Webshop. You can start by renting an online store.

There are popular e-commerce platforms that are free. They are built with open source code and are available for download. There are web agencies that you can hire if you are unsure. Some common ones are Woocommerce, Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop.

Tips to increase sales:

  • good layout that professionally displays the products
  • Encourage customers to visit you on social media and subscribe to newsletters for promotions and offers
  • customer reviews of the products

Company blog

A company blog is easy to set up and manage. Great for marketing product news and events with captions, pictures and videos. To keep interest up, the blog needs to be updated regularly. It is an easy way for the customer to get in touch with the company.

Better website for your business?
With a professionally created website, your company reaches more customers. If you are interested, please contact us at Expediten. We go through your needs together and how we with a good website can reach out with your products and expand your customer base.

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Send the request to several web agencies at the same time when you want a Website for your Company.

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Create your own website for the company through this manual or get help from our experts.

Wikipedia company information

Companies A company can consist of a small or larger organization that has a certain amount of resources that it coordinates. The resources can be, for example, labor, capital, technology and information. The purpose of the coordination may be to develop, produce and sell goods or services. A small company can, for example, be the organization of a children's party. Depending on how much you take for granted, this can also be a big company. A company can be run in different forms depending on the type of business, ownership, willingness to take risks, capital investment and more. In the subject of business economics, the term company is given a broader meaning, where it is defined as an association of people who carry out a conscious work to achieve one or more goals. At the same time, the Swedish Tax Agency has its own definitions. For tax purposes, for example, the company's non-profit association is not always counted as a company, while an economic association for them is always a company.

Synonyms for website

(data.) web page, website, site

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  1. business, firm, company, business, business, industry, business, plant, establishment
  2. action, action, action, work, operation, project