Website at a fixed price for small businesses 2020

Website at a fixed price for small businesses 2020

website fixed price

Take a stand on the form of compensation!

It is important to decide on the form of compensation before the website starts to be built.

The price for a web agency's work is usually determined either as a fixed price or as a variable fee.

Variable fee means that the final fee is not settled in advance but is determined by the web agency's hourly fee and the time required for the assignment.

Fixed price means that a fixed remuneration for the assignment is agreed from the beginning.

Fixed price has the advantage for you as a customer that you know the total cost of the assignment.

Advantages of fixed price on website:

  • Predictability. You know what you are expected to pay and you can budget accordingly. This is in contrast to an hourly rate, which entails some uncertainty.
  • Efficiency. A fixed price usually justifies that the work is done efficiently on your behalf. Many small business owners can tell horror stories about how projects have been given a running hourly rate and a joy figure on the estimated time required, but that the project time had ultimately increased and that the total price had been much higher than the estimated price.
  • Fewer disputes, if any, disputes over payment. Hourly wage can be the basis for disagreements: Why did the project take so long? Exactly what work was done during this time? And maybe even Why should I pay for this? Fixed price, established from the beginning, makes such disputes unusual.

Below you can see an example of a fixed price structure:


Price: SEK 4,795

Update tools and
web hosting

Website Basic

Websites at a fixed price that work on all platforms such as computer, mobile and tablet.

A perfect alternative for individual companies that are looking for a website. An affordable package for you who want a cheap website! Website Basic gives you a complete website designed by our web agency's graphic designers.

Thanks to an easy-to-use editing tool, you have the opportunity to update texts and images on the website yourself.

This includes:

  • Up to 6 pages
  • Simple and user-friendly tool for updating
  • Coloring according to your company profile
  • 1 slide show, for example with scrolling images on the home page


Price: SEK 9,395

Update tools and
web hosting

Website Standard

Affordable business websites; our most popular package for small businesses.

You buy the website at a fixed price and get everything a small business owner needs. The majority of those who buy a website from us choose the package "Website Standard".

They get a perfect starter kit that can then be developed as the company grows. And this at a favorable fixed price. We upload up to 10 pages of material and you can add more pages yourself.

This includes:

  • Up to 10 pages with the option to add more
  • Possibility to create two levels of pages: main pages and subpages
  • Simple and user-friendly tool for updating
  • Own design developed according to your needs and your profile
  • Image gallery



Price: SEK 15,500

Update tools and
web hosting 125: - / month
ex. VAT

Website Large

For those of you who need a more sophisticated website for the company, a website that has that "little extra". Of course you get it at a fixed price that is hard to beat.

The package "Website Large" has been developed for you who need a more comprehensive website with more functions. Just like other websites, you get a user-friendly editing tool on the purchase so that you can easily update the website on your own.

We tailor solutions that meet your needs. This may, for example, be an intranet with staff login.

This includes:

  • Up to 15 pages with the option to add more
  • News feed and archiving
  • Advanced page structure (more than 2 levels)
  • Image galleries that you can divide into different categories
  • Tailored functionality,

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Fixed cost Fixed costs (FK) are costs that do not vary with the number of units produced, or that vary step by step with, for example, changes in production capacity. Costs that are not fixed are usually called variable.

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  • cost, cost of goods, price of goods, value, sales value, purchase price, purchase price, fee, amount, tariff, tariff, price