Vad är PPC? - Expediten

Vad är PPC? - Expediten

What does PPC mean?

A proven and effective advertising tool

Pay per click (PPC) is a proven and effective advertising tool. With PPC, you can buy visitors to your website with the advantage that visitors are also interested in your services.

This is done by search engines, such as Google, showing your ad when a customer enters the keywords that match what you have to offer. These text ads are called Sponsored Links.

Working with PPC lies in optimizing advertising and thereby providing relevant and cost-effective side visits. However, launching the advertising campaign is only half the job; it is equally important to regularly analyze and change the links according to the results achieved.

The search engines use different systems to handle PPC ads. Google uses Google Ads and competitors like Yahoo! benefits from Microsoft adCenter. However, their design is similar.

The system works as such that you create a selling ad, complete with headline and text. Then you decide how much each click - or visit - may cost. If the cost is high, placement on Google will also be high. This is one of two factors that determine how optimal placement the ad gets - the other is "Quality Score".

Quality Score

Quality Score is based on how relevant the ad and its keywords are in relation to the person googling. If Google considers your ad to be appropriate, it will be more visible to the customer, making it extremely important that keywords be optimized. A well-optimized ad will have a higher Quality Score and thus be higher up in the search engines.

The PPC cost and Quality Score together determine the placement. Therefore, if the Quality Score is high, the PPC cost may be lower. For example, a company with a very high Quality Score can pay SEK 5 while a competitor pays SEK 50 for the same investment.

Getting a visit to the site is obviously important, but just as important is that the visitor stays. And you can influence that with a landing page. With all these tools, sales can be both optimized and strengthened.

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Wikipedia information about Pay_per_click

Pay per click Pay per click (PPC), "pay per click", is a method of web advertising that is based on buying keywords for your website from one of the companies that have search engine networks and publish ads linked to keywords on various websites. When the user searches on a specific keyword, the advertiser's ad appears next to the search result. All the major search networks work with auction models where more popular keywords cost more to advertise on than less popular ones. The technique for measuring clicks on flash ads is sometimes called Clicktag. Unlike a simple image, where the linking is handled by HTML code independent of the image, a flash file contains a built-in URL to which it links. This can cause problems in some situations, as you need the extra flexibility it provides to be able to change the address to which the ad links, regardless of which file is used. The de facto standard used by the major ad networks (Google, Tradedoubler, etc.) is to enter the URL outside the flash file via a variable. The name of the variable is "clickTAG". (Note the lowercase and uppercase letters.)