WordPress consultant who pulls in when you have problems

WordPress consultant who pulls in when you have problems

wordpress consultant

WordPress Consultant

You can hire us as a WordPress consultant for consulting help. Maybe you need help with your website? Update, new layout, and new features are examples of what we can help you with. You can also discuss issues with us related to online marketing and the web. We offer our assistance when you are stuck or need help with more advanced things. Our expertise is based on experience and we have used the publishing tool since 2004.

Web editor consultant

A web editor has the task of updating websites. We have good experience of various cms platforms and we do not only work with WordPress. Our web editor adapts the update completely based on what you need to renew information and layout on your website. We can also manage accounts in the social media you are represented, write texts and newsletters. It gives you more time to devote to the business.

WordPress consultant services

Install wordpress

Sometimes you can get stuck when installing WordPress manually. With automatic installation that our web host offers, it is quick and easy.

move WordPress to another domain

When we move your installation of WordPress to a new domain, all URLs also change, ie all links. All content is thus moved. You can build the new website on a domain and when it is ready we will move it to your main domain. Everything smooth and easy with us as a WordPress consultant.

Choose a theme

You can choose a theme from several thousand available for WordPress. We help to post the theme you have chosen on the website or blog if you can not yourself.


There are many plugins of very varying quality. You may need advice and help which is best for your particular website. We help you with this and can also offer to edit / modify the plugin according to your needs and wishes.

Increase the speed of the site

Everyone wants a page as fast as possible. We can use the source code to reduce your website which is based on WordPress to be as small as possible. There will be no difference for the visitor because the page does not change appearance but it just gets faster. What we do, among other things, is minimize CSS, add javascript, caching for pages and database, minimize requests and reduce images.

Translate to WordPress

Usually you need to go into the core of the installation to translate from another language to Swedish. It can be a bit difficult but we can of course help with that.

Search engine optimization of WordPress

To get more people to visit your site, we can make a basic setting of search engine optimization throughout your site. To have the site search engine adapted, we enter URLs that are adapted for search engines such as keywords, attractive titles and other things that make your website search engine adapted.

Training in WordPress

There is simple or advanced training available for you who want to know how the WordPress tool works. The training can be done by phone and includes, among other things, adding pages, image management, changing themes, updating blogs and plugins.

Våra WordPress skills och andra kunskaper ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

WordPress | Laravel | Symfony | Nodejs | Angularjs | Backbonejs l Magento | OptimizePress 2.0 / 1.0 l WhishList Member l Gravity Forms l LeadPages l Ontraport l Paypal l aMember l DAP l Payment Processor l Influansoft l Formidable Pro l JVZOO l Member Mouse l Web Solution + Fixation l 1ShopingCart l Graphics Design l WP Sites l Affiliate Marketing l Maintenance Services l API & Integrations l Kajabi Next l Mail Marketing l Instapage l ClickBank | MPDF library | Authorize.Net

★ Services Includes Following:
★ (Development, Customization, Fixation, Solution, Setup, Creation, Design)
Development WordPress Development / Web Customization (Sites, Blog, etc all)
☛ OptimizePress 2.0 / 1.0
☛ WhishList Membership
☛ Gravity Forms
☛ LeadPages
☛ Instapages
☛ Transport
☛ PayPal
☛ Stripe
☛ Payment Processor
☛ aMember
☛ DAP = Digital Access Pass
☛ Infusionsoft
☛ Formidable Pro Forms ☛ JVZOO ☛ Member Mouse ☛ 1ShopingCart
☛ Web Sites Maintenance Services (WordPress) ☛ Affiliate Marketing ☛
API / Integrations
☛ Mail Marketing (MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponce, etc)
☛ ClickBank Development ☛ Magic Membership ☛ Learn Dash
☛ OptimizePress Member
☛ Nodejs
☛ Angularjs
☛ Backbonejs
☛ Laravel
☛ Symphony

★ WordPress Services
★ magento Services
✔ WordPress Installation
✔ WordPress Themes Customization
✔ WordPress Web Sites Developments (From Scratch & A-Z Development )
✔ WordPress Ongoing Site Maintenance
✔ WordPress Plug-in and Server Errors Solutions
✔ WordPress Migration / Transformation
✔ WordPress Site Speed Improvement
✔ WordPress Sites Issues Solution / Fixation
✔ WordPress Updates and Fixations
✔ Much More Custom Development Just Ask OptimizePress Services ( Both 1.0 / 2.0 )
★ 3rd Party Membership Plug-in Customization
✔ Membership level ✔ Content protection ✔ level wise content access ✔ Custom Register form
✔ Drip feed ✔ Payment integration(paypal, clickbank etc..) ✔ Auto-responder setup ✔ OptimizePress Integration ✔ DAP Integration (Digital Access Pass ) ✔ Etc all things related wishlist membership Gravity Forms / Formidable Pro Web Forms Services ✔ Gravity Form Installation and Customization ✔ Short Form , Long Form , Membership Forms , Email Forms (All Types Of Forms ) ✔ Setup All Types Of Form Via Gravity Plug-In ✔ Add-On And Payment Integration Solution ✔ Hooks and Strings Coding ✔ Powerful Form Creation ✔ All Types Of Gravity Form Solution ✔ Gravity Form Add-on Installation and Customization ✔ Web Forms, Sign-Up Forms , PDF Extender ✔ PDF , GMAIL , SMTP , Mail Way ,Notification Fixing ✔ Custom Integration Coding And API ✔ Other Custom Work and Solution Services

1) WordPress Custom Theme Development
2) WordPress Custom Plugin Development (Single, Multisites)
3) Shopping Carts integration with WordPress (Woocommerce, e-commerce, WPMU Marketpress)
4) Cross-browser scripting.
5) Customization of WordPress themes and plugins.
6) Creating easy-to-use admin panels for the WordPress themes.
7) WordPress Mulitisite / Network management
8) Configuration of WHM, WHMCS and Domain Sale / Purchase management
9) Integration of WordPress plugins and themes with mailchimp, constant contact, active campaign, Awber, PayPal Chained and Parallel Payments etc.
10) Theme development in Genesis Framework
11) MPDF library

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