Wordpress website - Benefits of WordPress Very customizable

Wordpress website - Benefits of WordPress Very customizable

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Benefits of WordPress

With all these free publishing tools available online, it can be difficult to make your choice. You do not really know what separates them but have heard a lot about some of them.

Have you seen a web shop or website that you think is nice? Do you want a similar one? Clone copy website or webshop.

Our recommendation is and will always be the publishing tool WordPress. WordPress is an open-source tool for updating websites and it is also free. A website in WordPress gives you as a user many opportunities to update both content and function on your website. A selection of all the benefits of WordPress:


  • Open-Source
  • Lots of supplements
  • Search engine friendly
  • Very adaptable

What does all this mean then?

Open Source

WordPress is built on open source, which means that developers are free to contribute their knowledge to improve the publishing tool's functionality. The fact that it is open source makes it very easy for a designer to make a very customized design, while developers easily create so-called extensions.

Plugins for WordPress

Supplements are exactly what it sounds like. You can add new features and WordPress gives you the ability to install various extensions that contribute to great possibilities in terms of functionality. There are, for example, extensions for moving image galleries, simple and advanced search engine optimization, creating your own contact forms with different looks and much more.

Search engine friendly

WordPress is a very search engine friendly platform. With the help of extensions such as All in One SEO and Google XML Sitemap Generator, you do not need to hire an SEO company to handle the internal search engine optimization.

Very adaptable

Thanks to all the add-ons and the fact that WordPress is open-source, it is possible to customize a website with the platform as the basis for whatever you want. The days when WordPress was counted as a blogging tool are long gone.

Here you have it. A very concrete and concise article that tries to answer the question "Why have a website in WordPress". It is important that you as a user can also update the dynamic functions on your website and not just texts and images. If you want total control over your content, WordPress is your choice, no doubt.

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Homepage Homepage is a data term with several meanings: Home page - the first web page that is displayed when you open your browser Website (especially a personal website) - all web pages belonging to a domain, for example https://www.datahus.se, with certain exceptions - most common in the form that a "website" can have multiple domain names Website (especially a personal website) - a single page on a website Entrance page (also main page, front page, welcome page, entry page or some improper start page) - the website that you end up on first when entering a websiteDue to the many different meanings of the word “website”, the Swedish computer term group recommends that you avoid the word in favor of the more precise words above.

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